2025 Smart #2

Smart has announced the development of a new electric two-seater called 2, marking the end of production for its electric Fortwo model.

Render from autobild

This new vehicle will be built on the Electric Compact Architecture (ECA) platform, as confirmed by Dirk Adelmann, CEO of Smart Europe. The challenge lies in making this project financially feasible, leading Smart to seek partners to share development costs.

The search for partnerships began two months ago. Adelmann stated, “Two months ago, we began working on a new, dedicated platform to underpin a future Smart two-seat city car, but we need partners to make its business case feasible.”

Negotiations with potential partners like Renault and Chinese manufacturers did not result in a partnership. The failure to reach an agreement with Renault is notable given their past collaboration on the Smart Forfour and the current Twingo.

Adelmann emphasized the necessity of developing a new platform specifically for the 2 model, stating, “Definitely we have to develop a platform, because unfortunately it does not exist yet.” The goal is to create a vehicle that combines the compactness and maneuverability of the previous Fortwo with modern electric drive and connectivity features.

According to Adelmann, there is significant market potential for this vehicle among retailers and customers. However, specific production quantities have not been disclosed yet.