2025 Toyota Land Cruiser Se

A couple of weeks ago, a Japanese company demonstrated several concepts, among which was the Land Cruiser Se electric crossover.

The image below was drawn with the expectation that it could be sold.

The novelty has virtually nothing to do with other Land Cruiser models, except perhaps the curved window line that causes associations with the new Prado, introduced recently. Otherwise, the appearance is solved in the style of many other electric vehicles: narrow headlights combined with an LED strip, a flat bumper without a radiator grill, a lantern in the form of a single strip.

As long as we can only assume how much the serial version will differ from the concept, we also depicted a crossover with traditional door handles and mirrors, as well as a slightly larger optics. In addition, a black contrast roof option is presented on renders.

Toyota Land Cruiser Se Series Render

Toyota Land Cruiser Concept