2027 Alpine A310

Alpine is bringing back the A310 as a rakish, four-seat electric sports car.

It will be based on the same Alpine Performance Platform (APP) as the forthcoming electric A110 coupé, due in 2027, and is expected to serve in effect as a more practical alternative to the flagship two-seater, in a relationship mirroring that of the Porsche 718 Cayman and 911.

Design director Antony Villain added: “We want to do a 2+2 sports car, and of course some time in the past we had the A310, so we will bring together these two ideas as a first intention. Our work now is to frame the [APP] platform that we’re working on, and the final design will be finished in a year and a half.”

The decision to make the A310 a four-seater comes in line with Alpine’s transformative initiative to move away from being a niche manufacturer to becoming a key volume player on the world stage.

Source: autocar