Genesis GV70e, an electric car to be sold in 2022

The Genesis GV70e, which is being tested in Nürburgring, Germany, has been detected. It’s the electric version of the GV70. Unlike JW (Project Name), which uses the E-GMP platform, it is a model that replaces only the powertrain with motors and batteries in the existing GV70.

Therefore, the overall appearance is similar to the GV70. However, there is a difference in the detailed design. First of all, grill. Unlike the GV70 grille drilled for engine cooling, the GV70e grille is closed.

In the form of a gastrointestinal membrane, you can guess that there is a port on the side of the grill for charging. This is proof that it is the same form as the G80 electric car and is using the existing body. Electric vehicles using the E-GMP platform are located near the charging port in the back.

I don’t use the engine, so there’s no exhaust vent on the back. Diesel is also inside the bumper, but if you look closely, it’s not inside either. Instead, the rear bumper is made of one mold.

The powertrain specifications are not known yet. I don’t think there will be much difference from the G80 electric version. It has an electric motor on the front and back respectively and a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 71kWh.

Initially, the one-time charging mileage will be about 500 kilometers per WLTP, but it is reported that SK Innovation plans to improve it to more than 800 kilometers by installing batteries under development.

Genesis applied to the Korean Intellectual Property Office on the 22nd of last month for a total of six brands of electric vehicles, including GV90e, G90e, GV80e, G80e, GV70e and G70e. The trademark application does not lead to the launch of the vehicle soon, but it can be seen as an effort to take the lead in the electric vehicle market.

Amid soaring global demand for SUVs, it is encouraging that Genesis is moving to launch all of its electric vehicles as a derivative of the GV lineup.

The debut will take place in the second half of this year or the first half of next year, and sales are scheduled for next year.

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Electrical version of Genesis Intermediate GV70. I don’t know if it’s called eGV70, or GV70e, but we’re testing it.

We don’t use e-GMP, which is an electric vehicle platform. We just change the powertrain to the existing GV70 platform.

So it doesn’t look much different from GV70.

They say it’s a one-time buffer and can travel about 498 kilometers.


G70e, G70 electric rendering.


The Genesis GV70 has been named Genesis eGV70, and some foreign media have reported that the Genesis GV70 can travel 498 kilometers on a single charge.

Genesis Electrified GV70 caught charging its battery.

New PIC.

Genesis GV70 Electric Vehicle Charging

Genesis GV70 Electrified Model

A detailed GV70 electric model (eGV70 or GV70e)


New Pics


GV70 electrified

New photos.

The official photos have already been released, but the actual looks are different, so I’m going to post them.

New photos