Kia Carnival MPV gains campervan and luxury limo versions

Kia has introduced two new variants of its Carnival minivan, one aimed at adventure seekers and the other one replete with luxury.

The latter comes based on the HiLimousine trim spec featuring a plastic top raising the roofline (watch the video if you would like a reminder). However, it only has two individual seats in the back wrapped in Nappa leather with power adjustments, footrests, reclining backs, ventilation and heating. Should your feet feel tired, reach down to pull out foot massagers co-developed with Hutech.

The floor is now laminated, and an extra 21.5-inch multimedia display is mounted at the ceiling. A 7-inch console touchscreen between the seats provides access to most electronic systems on board, and the armrests conceal folding tables, a fridge, a wireless charger, and cup holders with heating and cooling functions. The trunk features a clothes hanger and a couple of compartments for shoes under the bottom. Rounding off the list is a softer suspension.

The other entry is called Noblesse Outdoor, and it looks much like an affordable mini-RV. You can push the second seat row towards the first to make room for a mattress for two people (max 1.8 meters, or 6 feet, tall). The van ships with a tent that can be attached conveniently to its rear end.