Kia EV6 gets mid-cycle design update and larger 84 kWh battery pack

Kia has announced that it will begin accepting contracts for “The new EV6” (hereafter referred to as EV6), an exclusive electric vehicle with significantly enhanced marketability, starting from the 14th (Tuesday).

Kia has secured excellent product competitiveness by freezing the prices of all trims while significantly enhancing the marketability of the EV6.

Launched in August 2021, the EV6 is Kia’s first dedicated electric vehicle model based on the E-GMP electric vehicle platform, featuring eye-catching design and outstanding electrification technology, recording cumulative sales of over 210,000 units in the global market.

Moreover, in 2022, it became the first Korean brand to win the “European Car of the Year” award, and in 2023, it won “The North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year” (SUV category), proving its excellent product competitiveness in the global electric vehicle market.

The EV6, unveiled this time, is a product improvement model introduced after about three years, featuring a dynamic design reflecting Kia’s new family look and a driving range of 494km on a single charge with the 84kWh 4th generation battery. (* Based on the combined, long-range 2WD model, 19-inch, without built-in cam)

In addition, it is equipped with advanced infotainment specifications based on SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) that enhance the connectivity between the vehicle and the user, and various convenient features preferred by customers such as Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 and steering wheel grip detection using capacitive sensors, significantly enhancing the overall marketability.

■ Exterior design evolved to be more dynamic with the application of starmap signature lighting

The EV6 has been reborn with a more dynamic and sophisticated look under the concept of “Modern Contrast”.

The front part features a future-oriented and wide feel centered around the daytime running lights (DRL) with Kia’s new family look “starmap signature lighting”, and creates a more dynamic impression by connecting the character line of the hood to the bottom of the vehicle and applying a wing-shaped bumper design.

The side part exudes a more sophisticated atmosphere with newly designed wheels that give a precise yet solid feel, reflecting the design concept of modern contrast.

The rear part enhances the futuristic feel by applying wide starmap lighting to the rear combination lamps, and uniformly realizes a dynamic feel by applying the same wing-shaped design as the front bumper to the lower part of the rear bumper.

The GT-line model, which is being launched together, is characterized by a more sporty shape of the front and rear bumpers, the addition of front LED center positioning lamps and exclusive 20-inch wheels, and a differentiated exterior design.

The EV6 offers a total of 8 exterior colors, including the new color ▲Ivory Matte Silver, as well as ▲Snow White Pearl ▲Interstellar Gray ▲Aurora Black Pearl ▲Glacier ▲Moonscape Matte Gray ▲Yacht Blue ▲Runway Red.

The EV6 GT-line model can be selected from a total of 5 exterior colors, including the new colors ▲Wolf Gray ▲Yacht Matte Blue, in addition to ▲Snow White Pearl ▲Aurora Black Pearl ▲Runway Red.

■ Interior with enhanced sophistication based on horizontal design and application of new design elements

The interior of the EV6 creates a more luxurious and modern atmosphere by applying new design elements based on the existing horizontal design.

Kia has applied a more sophisticated design of the panoramic curved display to the EV6, giving a clean and wide feel, and further emphasizing the horizontal design of the interior with a new ambient light with dynamic graphics.

In addition to the new steering wheel that emphasizes a sophisticated feel, a new pattern is applied to the crash pad to enhance the sporty feel, and customer convenience is also improved by adding a fingerprint authentication system to the center console and applying a wireless charging pad with an improved structure to prevent the smartphone from moving.

The EV6 can be applied with a total of 4 interior colors, including the new colors ▲Medium Gray ▲Green & Light Gray ▲Toffee Brown, and the GT-line model is applied with the exclusive color Black & White.

■ Increased driving range and enhanced driving experience with 84kWh 4th generation battery

Kia provides an enhanced driving experience by equipping the EV6 with an 84kWh 4th generation battery, increasing the driving range on a single charge, and enhancing ride comfort and quietness.

The EV6 is equipped with a 4th generation battery with higher energy density, increasing the battery capacity from 77.4kWh to 84kWh, and based on the improved battery performance, the driving range on a single charge has increased from 475km to 494km for the long-range 2WD model (19-inch, without built-in cam).

In addition, by increasing the fast charging speed, it is possible to charge up to 80% of the battery capacity (10%->80%) within 18 minutes with 350kW ultra-fast charging, even though the battery capacity has increased, just like before.

The EV6 has improved ride comfort on rough roads by tuning the “Frequency Responsive Shock Absorber” that was previously applied, and enhanced overall driving sensibility by optimizing motor noise control and widening the noise absorption area of the rear motor.

Moreover, excellent safety is also secured by reinforcing body rigidity, such as increasing the thickness of the B-pillar, and applying a 10-airbag system with additional 2nd-row side airbags.

■ Equipped with various convenience features based on SDV, providing a more convenient mobility experience

Kia has significantly improved the overall marketability of the EV6 by equipping it with advanced infotainment specifications based on SDV that enhance the connectivity between the vehicle and the user, and applying various convenience features preferred by customers.

The EV6 provides a more convenient mobility experience with the next-generation infotainment system “ccNC (connected car Navigation Cockpit)”.

The EV6 expands the scope of wireless software updates (OTA) from the existing navigation to the controller, allowing the functions related to the main electronic control of the vehicle to be kept up to date.

In addition, it is equipped with streaming services that allow users to enjoy video and high-quality audio content through the infotainment system, and a natural language voice recognition function that can be used naturally like a conversation, providing customers with a new experience based on SDV.

Moreover, various infotainment features are provided, such as ▲Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with wireless connection ▲Walk Away Lock that automatically locks the door when the driver moves away from the vehicle while holding the key ▲e hi-pass that allows toll payment on toll roads without a physical hi-pass card in conjunction with KakaoPay ▲Kia Digital Key 2 ▲Fingerprint authentication system.

Kia has also heavily applied various advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and convenience features that are highly preferred by customers to the EV6 to enhance driver convenience.

The EV6 is equipped with ▲Hands on Detection (HoD) using capacitive sensors ▲Lane Following Assist 2 (LFA 2) ▲Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 (RSPA 2) ▲Forward/Side/Reverse Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist (PCA-F/S/R), helping drivers to drive and park more safely and conveniently.

In addition, various convenience features such as ▲Power tilt & telescopic steering wheel ▲Air conditioner photocatalyst sterilization system ▲12-inch head-up display (HUD) ▲Digital center mirror (DCM) ▲Built-in cam 2 are applied to significantly enhance customer convenience.

■ Competitiveness secured by freezing sales prices for all trims… Operating a dedicated purchase program together

Kia has secured excellent competitiveness by freezing the sales price of the EV6 despite the product enhancement at the level of a new car.

The sales prices are ▲Light 55.4 million won ▲Air 58.24 million won ▲Earth 62.52 million won ▲GT-line 63.15 million won for long-range models before the application of electric vehicle tax benefits. (* Based on 2WD)

The EV6 is scheduled to be launched in June after completing major government certifications, and if tax benefits are applied after completing the registration of environmentally friendly vehicles, it is expected that customers will be able to purchase the vehicle at ▲Light 52.6 million won ▲Air 55.3 million won ▲Earth 59.35 million won ▲GT-line 59.95 million won.

In addition, considering government and local government subsidies, it is expected that customers will be able to purchase the vehicle at a more reasonable price.