Kia unveils design for The New Sorento

Kia Motors unveiled the design of ‘The New Sorento’, a product enhancement model for the fourth-generation Sorento, on Tuesday (May 25).

Kia has redesigned The New Sorento to a new level, reflecting the brand’s design philosophy of Opposites United.

Based on ‘Bold for Nature’, one of the five keywords that make up Opposites United, The New Sorento has an exterior that harmonizes futuristic sophistication and a strong image, and a modern interior design based on advanced technology.

In particular, the interior features a driver-centered environment, including a panoramic curved display with the next-generation infotainment system ccNC, an infotainment/air conditioning switching control system, and a fingerprint authentication system.

Kia will unveil and launch the gasoline and diesel models of The New Sorento, as well as the hybrid 4WD model, in mid-August, and the hybrid 2WD model will be unveiled and launched with the benefits of the environmentally friendly car tax after certification is completed.

Interior and exterior design changes to enhance the premium feel of new vehicles based on Offerit United

Inspired by the boldness of harmonizing with nature under the brand’s design philosophy, Offerit United, Kia has changed the interior and exterior design of The New Sorento to the level of a new car, enhancing the sense of luxury.

The exterior of THE NEW SORENTO features a futuristic and robust SUV design under the concept of ‘Futuristic Boldness’.

At the front, the radiator grille with patterned modules that create a sense of depth and the signature Star Map Lighting daytime running lights (DRLs) that emphasize the vertical image are harmoniously arranged to create a stylish first impression of the next generation of high-tech mobility.

The hood, with its emphasized volume, makes the body appear larger, and the bumper, with its boldly proportioned design, combined with the lower skid plate, gives the SUV a confident image.

On the sides, the vertically arranged headlamps and rear combination lamps are harmonized by following the character line, and the new design of the alloy wheels emphasizes a solid and refined look.

The rear features a star map graphic connecting the two rear combination lamps and a wide rear skid plate that harmonizes with the lower bumper to create the image of a rugged SUV.

Inside, the theme of “Borderless Wideness” emphasizes the wide image through horizontal sculpting.

The 12.3-inch panoramic curved display, which seamlessly connects the cluster and infotainment system as one screen, is equipped with Kia’s next-generation infotainment system, ccNC, and displays various information in a unified manner.

Underneath, sleek air vents extending to the left and right ends and switchable controls for the infotainment system and air conditioning system create an organic and technological harmony.

A fingerprint authentication system on the center console can be used to start the car, make in-car payments, or disengage Valet mode, making it easier for customers to get around.

Design-specific trim gravity includes a specially designed radiator grille and wheels, blacked-out exterior mirror covers and roof rack, and exclusive front and rear skid plates and exclusive leather seats for a sense of strength and luxury.

The New Sorento is available in five exterior colors, including three new colors - Interstellar Gray, Cityscape Green and Volcanic Sand Brown - and three interior colors, including the new Black/Olive Brown.

Kia will reveal pricing and launch the gasoline, diesel, and hybrid 4WD models in mid-August, and the hybrid 2WD model will be available after the certification process is complete and the green car tax credit is available.

“Sorento has been loved by many customers, setting the standard for the most sophisticated SUVs every time, keeping up with the design demands of the times,” said a Kia representative. “Customers with existing Sorento contracts and waiting for delivery will be notified gradually.”