New Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S E Performance, GLC43 Debut In Coupe Trim

The GLC63 S E Performance is a 2025 model, but the GLC43 will hit the road for 2024.
The GLC43 also offers a hybrid punch, albeit considerably milder. Mercedes-Benz installs the same turbocharged four-pot under the hood, but with a tune to 416 hp and augmented with a small motor that provides a temporary 13 hp boost when needed. Both send power to all four wheels through the automaker’s AMG Speedshift nine-speed transmission, and both have rear-axle steering with the AMGLopping off part of the SUV’s roof for the sporty Coupe silhouette doesn’t change the performance stats for either model. Mercedes-AMG lists the GLC43 as reaching 60 mph in 4.7 seconds, with a top speed electronically limited to 155 mph. The GLC63 S E Performance makes the same 60-mph run in 3.4 seconds, and its speed limiter doesn’t kick in until 171 mph. Suspension options are the same, performance brakes are the same, and the interior layout with the familiar MBUX system is the same.

Ride Control suspension in the group of standard equipment.