Skoda Enyaq RS Race Concept

The new Enyaq RS Race concept underlines Škoda’s commitment to advancing sustainability in motorsports and adds another emotional dimension to the brand. According to the Czech carmaker, the concept study is an ideal platform for the development and extensive testing of pioneering electric technologies for future battery electric production cars.

The Enyaq RS Race is based on the Škoda Enyaq Coupé RS with all-wheel drive. Its wide base ensures even more stable handling, while the prominent rear wing provides the necessary downforce. The aim of the study is to gain practical knowledge through specific technical and design modifications to high performance electric vehicles. These approaches could potentially be implemented in future production models.

According to Daniel Petr, Senior Designer at Škoda Auto: “The Škoda Enyaq RS Race is not a design study that will just remain on paper; it is going to be a real car. It will be lower, wider, lighter and most importantly more dynamic. So, it was clear from the start that the design had to be aggressive with strong racing DNA. Looking at the aerodynamics, we actually designed it similar to the current Škoda Fabia RS Rally2. It has a sharply sculpted nose, dramatically widened fenders and a massive rear wing. It looks fast, even on paper, and that’s always a good start.”