SsangYong Motor confirms U100 name as 'Torres EVX'... images and video released

Ssangyong Motor has confirmed the name of the U100, the electrified model of Torres that signaled the normalization of its business, and released images and videos of the actual vehicle on the 16th.

SsangYong Motor confirmed the name of the vehicle, which has been developed under the project name ‘U100’, as ‘TORRES EVX’ and released interior and exterior images ahead of the launch, and announced that it will be presented for the first time at the ‘2023 Seoul Mobility Show’ held at KINTEX in Goyang, starting with a press day on March 30.

The name of the Torres EVX reflects the strong and stylish image of Torres, which pursues an authentic SUV, plus the EV for electric vehicle and the X for eXtreme, which refers to the free lifestyle of an SUV, and is branded with the value of adventure and challenge that goes beyond the limits of electric vehicles.

SsangYong has released images that showcase the Toronado EVX’s interior and exterior design, along with the branding goals behind the name. Based on SsangYong’s design vision and philosophy, ‘Powered by Toughness’, the design is styled like a futuristic electrified model, with horizontal dot-style faceted LED daytime running lights (DRLs) across the front to emphasize the edgy and differentiated identity of electric vehicles.

In addition, the toing cover, which is a wild image of outdoor activities and off-roaders, depicts the symbol of ‘Li’, which symbolizes the sun and fire of the Gun-Gon-Gam-Li of the Korean flag, and symbolizes that the Torres EVX is a representative model of an authentic Korean electric SUV and that SsangYong Motor is a Korean automaker.

The interior of the ‘Toros EVX’ is designed to provide the driver with a differentiated UX (User Experience) through its Slim&Wide ergonomic design in accordance with the Toros concept, and the front panoramic display, which connects the digital cluster and navigation system, provides various information and enhances visibility.

In addition, inheriting the DNA of Torres with a living space that exceeds mid-size SUVs and a generous cargo space of 703 liters (VDA213 standard/T5 trim 839 liters), Torres EVX is the first and only mid-size authentic electric SUV in Korea, with superior space utilization compared to competing electric models, making it easy for leisure activities such as camping and car parking, and high ground clearance enabling new and diverse experiences such as off-road performance not experienced by existing electric models.

In addition, SsangYong Motor will participate in the 2023 Seoul Mobility Show for the first time in four years since 2019, presenting its vision as a mobility company and providing visitors with a special experience.

At the 2023 Seoul Mobility Show, which will be held under the theme of “Sustainable-Connected-Mobility” from March 30 to April 9, SsangYong will display a total of 16 vehicles and EV platforms, including design concept models and production vehicles in various guises, including the world premiere of the new Torres EVX in a 2,100-square-meter exhibition hall.

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