The most anticipated launch of 2023, the Nova Montana, debuts at Chevrolet dealerships starting in February

  • Chevrolet inaugurates new concept of medium-compact pickup in South America
  • Vehicle stands out in design, interior space, safety, connectivity and performance
  • Unprecedented Multi-Flex bucket reinforces purpose of smart pickup
  • Model hits the market from February in Brazil

SÃO CAETANO DO SUL – The most anticipated launch of 2023, the Nova Montana, debuts at Chevrolet dealerships starting in February. The model inaugurates a new concept of a medium-compact pickup truck, combining the comfort and handling of an SUV with the versatility and robustness of a true pickup truck.

“This innovative concept from Montana fits perfectly with the new habits, values ​​and needs of the consumer, who seeks a healthier lifestyle, with better harmony between work and leisure, with more productivity and satisfaction. Only such a multifunctional and disruptive car could deliver all this with quality and prestige”, says Santiago Chamorro, president of GM South America.

New Montana also stands out in design, interior space, safety, connectivity and performance. The Chevrolet pickup’s body proportions are unprecedented and provide a fantastic result for a vehicle measuring 4.72 meters long and around 1.8 meters wide: it offers the best accommodation for second-row occupants in the segment, has a ample cargo area and still easy to maneuver.

The unprecedented Multi-Flex bucket is an important differential of the product and was designed to work as a giant trunk (874 liters). It features an advanced roof sealing system that offers best-in-class water protection. The bucket also has an extensive line of customized accessories, which allow hundreds of solutions for cargo transport, in a combination that no other vehicle on the market offers.

Regarding the look, the New Montana is characterized by shapes that value the strength of the pickup. The front is characterized by a split LED headlight, in tune with Chevrolet’s latest global design language. The side is marked by the typical silhouette of SUVs, but it has a high waistline and moldings around the entire base of the vehicle, which make it appear even taller. At the rear, a glossy black bar connects the taillights and adds refinement to the set.

Already the highest driving position, the technological environment of the cabin and the finishes with premium materials refer to SUVs. This sensation is reinforced by the low noise level on board, the very comfortable ride and the excellent stability of the vehicle, whether empty or loaded.

The New Montana is equally astounding on the track, with best-in-class acceleration-to-fuel ratio. The Chevrolet pickup is equipped with a 1.2 Turbo Flex engine with up to 133 horsepower and 21.4 kgfm (210 Nm) of torque. The engine features exclusive calibration, in line with the vehicle’s multipurpose proposal. This same customization work was carried out on the other mechanical systems, such as transmission, steering and suspension. Even tires were specially developed for the model.

The range of equipment for the New Montana is comprehensive and includes: six airbags, blind spot alert, Full LED headlights with height adjustment and automatic lighting, digital air conditioning, parking sensor with reverse camera, smart key with remote start. button, bucket lid with weight relief on descent, wireless smartphone charger, native Wi-Fi, OnStar system and app to control car functions remotely.

All this so that the New Montana is truly the “SUV you need, in the pickup you dreamed of”, both from a practical and dynamic point of view.

Chevrolet is starting pre-sales for the LTZ and Premier versions, the most sophisticated in the range. The inaugural lot will come equipped with a bucket accessory created for the vehicle: the exclusive Multi-Board dividers. They allow for a much more intelligent accommodation and distribution of the load.

Nova Montana is a project developed in partnership with GM technology centers in South America, North America and Asia. It arrives as the largest member of Chevrolet’s global vehicle family, already made up of the current generations of Onix, Onix Plus and Tracker – all benchmarks in their respective segments.

Smart design for better use of space

The New Montana is the first locally produced model chosen to debut Chevrolet’s new global design identity, which is characterized by the split front optics.

That’s why the pickup brings the position light (DRL) on top. Its illuminated appearance harmonizes with the bonnet creases and the grille. The main headlight and turn signals are an independent piece with a trapezoidal shape and rounded edges to add a sporty touch. While the bumper has a central appliqué on the base to provide more impressiveness to the vehicle.

In the Premier version, the wheel and trim finishes are darkened; in the LTZ version they are predominantly chromed, giving each one its own identity.

The side of the Nova Montana starts by drawing attention to the characteristic lines of its bodywork and the balance of proportions between the engine compartment, cabin and bucket. In addition to better appearance, these surfaces developed with the aid of supercomputers also deliver aerodynamic benefits.

At the same time that the consumer wants a more spacious pickup for the family, he is also concerned with the dimensions of the vehicle, mainly due to the size of the parking spaces available in large urban centers. The use of lighter and more resistant materials for the body eliminates the need for a large engine to push the vehicle. This made it possible to increase the area allocated to the cabin and ensure ample volume for cargo.

The result is fantastic, and the New Montana debuts with the best use of internal space in the segment. There are at least 20 millimeters more for the rear passenger’s knee compared to the competition, while headroom is yet another example of superiority. Ergonomics is another highlight of this project, which translates into better accommodation for up to five occupants.

The Chevrolet pickup has moldings that go around the entire base of the vehicle, including bumpers, fenders and doors. Because they are made with a material with a contrasting color and texture in relation to the bodywork, they make the car appear even higher in relation to the ground. The 17-inch wheels, high beltline and roof rack reinforce this adventurous look.

The rear is marked by elements that refer to robustness, without neglecting refinement and functionality. The vehicle’s main aesthetic differential is the bar with a glossy black finish that connects the taillights, forming a unique element. Emphasis is also placed on the “Chevrolet” logo stamped in low relief on the bucket lid, which has a kind of integrated airfoil on top. The lid has an electric button opening and weight relief on the descent. The bumper was designed to facilitate access to the bucket.

For those who like personalization, there is a range of accessories for the outside of the vehicle, such as side steps, front bumper extender, different types of Santo Antonio and LED front fog lights.

If the bodywork reinforces the imposing side of the pickup, the cabin of the Nova Montana is reminiscent of an SUV. Much on account of the sophisticated finish and the more technological setting than the segment usually offers.

The multimedia center is gaining more and more relevance in automobiles, and the item has received special attention from designers. So much so that Nova Montava debuts with the concept of MyLink screen fully integrated into the instrument panel, as well as in the most recent models of the brand. The multimedia is at the top of the panel and its 8-inch display, as it is in a horizontal position, facilitates reading mainly navigation maps and reduces the possibility of distraction at the wheel.

New Montana’s MyLink, by the way, is one of the most advanced on the market and offers Wi-Fi with an internet signal up to 12 times more stable and an integrated OnStar advanced telematics system. Wireless projection for Android Auto and Apple Car Play are also part of the connectivity package, which also offers remote updating of the vehicle’s electronic systems, myChevrolet application to control car functions from a distance and a smartphone charger by magnetic induction.

Nova Montana arrives as the first pickup equipped with Wi-Fi and OnStar as standard in all versions.

Another highlight of the vehicle’s interior is the wealth of details that range from the selection of materials to the combination of colors and textures. In all, there are more than 50 finishing standards, which vary according to the function and application of the component. In Premier versions, for example, dashboard elements, seats, doors and console bring premium coatings.

The feeling that you are behind the wheel of a true SUV is evidenced by the comfortable seats and the higher driving position, much appreciated today for providing better visibility of traffic and helping to reduce fatigue on long journeys. Other elements reinforce this perception, including the low level of noise and vibration on board. Several adjustments for the seat belt, steering wheel, seat and backrest ensure perfect ergonomics for the driver.

Consumers have the option of customizing the cabin of the Nova Montana with various accessories, such as illuminated door sills. For those seeking greater sound power for the audio system, it is possible to install a JBL subwoofer specially sized for the vehicle’s acoustics.

Multi-Flex pickup and bed strength

The Nova Montana is a vehicle with an innovative concept because it combines the comfort and handling of an SUV with the versatility and robustness of a true pickup truck. This was the focus of the designers from the beginning, when the market research team identified this characteristic as a trend, which ended up gaining strength with the recent global phenomena.

In addition, GM has always been a reference in automobile development. Today, the company stands out for its extensive use of advanced engineering tools such as supercomputers and artificial intelligence software to create disruptive vehicles. Virtual development makes it possible to reduce the gestation time of a vehicle by almost half, adding gains in quality, safety and efficiency. Another advantage is the infinity of simulations and improvements that can be carried out throughout the project.

For this, the company has a data processing center with an area equivalent to 20 soccer fields. Virtually every part of the New Montana has been machined to the highest degree of optimization. Virtual tools also helped to reduce the total vehicle development costs. This allowed the inclusion of many more technologies in the model without necessarily positioning it in a higher price step.

At GM, the main structural attribute of a pickup is its robustness and durability, not least because this is the type of vehicle that usually faces the most diverse conditions of use, whether in relation to the weight transported or the conditions of the pavements on which it transits. And the Nova Montana delivers excellent performance in the most varied situations, empty or loaded – so much so that the maximum load capacity is almost half of the vehicle’s own weight.

The curious thing is that the consumer of medium-compact pickup trucks is more interested in the objects that it can properly accommodate in the bed than necessarily in the total weight capacity, which is almost never used.

That’s why the relationship between length, height and width of the Nova Montana’s cargo compartment considers the items that people most often carry, whether for family trips, work activities or those usual day to day activities.

The issue is that in addition to bulkier objects, such as furniture, a pram or a bicycle, consumers tend to also carry smaller items, such as grocery shopping, suitcases or toolboxes. To perfectly meet these two situations, Chevrolet is launching the Multi-Flex intelligent bucket with the New Montana, in addition to a wide range of accessories. Altogether there are more than 20 items to optimize cargo transportation.

One of the most interesting accessories is the Multi-Board dividers. It consists of four parts. Two rails that are attached to the side storage compartment of the bucket, a large shelf and a board that can be fitted in six different positions. With the shelf and plank horizontal at almost mid-height, a two-story bucket is created. As the shelf can be positioned right at the entrance of the bucket and has several compartments, it can easily accommodate smaller objects there, so that they do not travel loose. Hooks at the bottom allow you to hang bags and backpacks.

Another interesting configuration of the Multi-Board partitions is when the board forms a kind of wall, dividing the bucket into two compartments, one closed, which works as a safe area independent of the use of a marine hood, and the other open. Useful for those who need to separate different types of cargo or want to limit the usable area to facilitate the loading and unloading of less bulky cargo.

One of the biggest complaints from pickup truck owners in urban use is the intrusion of water into the bucket on rainy days. For Nova Montana, an innovative marine canopy sealing system was developed. This solution was designed for consumers who intend to use the bucket as a giant trunk or for those who want a higher level of protection when transporting objects. There is also an option for a remote-controlled electric hard top.

Nova Montana is a highly resistant product and follows international requirements for occupant and pedestrian protection. So much so that it will come as standard with six airbags, a bumper and hood designed to cushion impacts in the event of a possible collision and ABS brakes with brake force distribution and emergency braking assistance. Complete the list advanced electronic traction and stability control, tire pressure monitoring system and automatic accident response for the OnStar Service Center.

The blind spot alert and Full LED headlights with greater lighting power, for example, are exclusive to the Premier luxury version.

Custom mechanics and SUV handling

The pickup segment has grown by almost 50% in market share in the last decade in Brazil. One of the reasons is due to the fact that this type of vehicle has evolved mainly in terms of comfort and sophistication. Nova Montana arrives to raise this level even further and was designed to please the female audience as well. After all, women are great lovers of versatile, well-finished and pleasant-to-drive cars.

The New Montana is the latest member of Chevrolet’s global vehicle family, already made up of Onix, Onix Plus and Tracker. All reference in their respective segments and sales champions in South America. They have distinct bodywork, dimensions and dynamic set-up to meet different consumer needs.

Onix and Onix Plus have the same width platform. But while the hatch brings more sporty suspension and steering, the sedan is characterized by greater space for the rear seat and trunk.

The Tracker and Nova Montana make up another pair, as they share a wider and more sophisticated platform. Despite having very similar dynamic behavior and performance, they differ greatly in style, length and calibration.

The pickup usually has a greater variation of conditions of use and structural reinforcements are often necessary. In the case of the Nova Montana, we customized all the mechanics so that the vehicle had the greatest comfort and the best handling in its category, empty or loaded.

Some of these New Montana innovations are in the rear suspension, which features a variable stiffness double stop system. It helps to keep the vehicle stable and comfortable at all times, regardless of whether it is traveling with minimum or maximum load. Also surprising is the behavior of the Chevrolet pickup in curves, with precise steering response, with low roll and body inclination, which facilitates control and brings a greater sense of confidence behind the wheel.

The innovative suspension technology and the more balanced distribution of the vehicle’s weight over the axles provide another interesting benefit for the consumer. Occupants do not feel the rear bouncing too much on uneven floors, as happens in pickup trucks that run with an empty bucket. That’s why, in Nova Montana, the feeling is of being on board a real SUV, for the same level of comfort and drivability.

The level of customization of the Nova Montana setup was such that even customized tires were developed for the product, with specific composition and structure.

The New Montana’s brake system has been reinforced to be one of the most efficient in the category and has several technological resources:

  • Brake assistant for situations of loss of efficiency due to overheating. The pickup is able to identify potential situations of loss of braking efficiency due to overheating of the system, as usually happens when going downhill, when the frequency and intensity of use of the equipment are more intense. In this case, the vehicle automatically increases the pressure of the hydraulic set so that the driver does not need to increase the application force too much on the pedal to brake.
  • Another interesting mechanism refers to the actuation of the brake system in curves. The vehicle constantly analyzes the speed, lateral acceleration and steering angle of the steering wheel to optimize the distribution of braking force on each wheel, increasing stability and improving the car’s handling even in everyday conditions of use, before situations considered extreme. , when there is a need for intervention by the electronic stability system.
  • The vehicle also has a resource that helps maintain the trajectory when braking in a straight line, being able to apply a specific force to each wheel, compensating for common variations in track adherence or irregular distribution of cargo weight, for example.

The Nova Montana comes equipped with a 1.2 Turbo Flex engine with 133 horsepower and 21.4 kgfm (210 Nm) of torque, with a customized calibration for better performance considering the vehicle’s proposal. One of the features of this engine is that it works at a lower rpm range, which contributes to greater silence on board and reduced emissions.

It brings the most up-to-date technology in the segment, such as an aluminum block, cylinder head with double variable valve timing, integrated exhaust manifold, variable pressure dual-stage oil pump, in addition to several other technologies:

  • Timing belt immersed in oil running quieter than the chain system used by competitors and also maintenance free up to 240,000 km;
  • Optimization of the crankshaft so that the pistons are displaced from the center of the cylinders for less friction when moving the pistons.

Another secret of New Montana’s excellent performance is in the advanced electronic management system, with a center that allows up to 3 times more calibration variables than previous generation pickups. All this enhances the results both in the manual and automatic configuration, always with six gears.

That’s why the New Montana has a ratio between acceleration and fuel consumption higher than the segment’s average, according to GM projections.

In this context, the future representative of Chevrolet arrives, among the automatic pickup trucks, as the champion in economy. The vehicle travels on the road, with gasoline, 13.3 km/l, and in the city, 11.1 km/l. With ethanol the numbers are: 9.3 km/l and 7.7 km/l, respectively.

Those who opt for the version with manual transmission will find the Nova Montana the best results in the category in measuring acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h. More details about this version and its release date will be shared at a later date.

Bearing in mind that part of Nova Montana’s customers will be fleet owners, where low maintenance costs are a relevant issue, Chevrolet has developed a product designed to be a reference in this aspect as well.

Positioning and key technologies

Chevrolet has a long tradition in pickup trucks and is preparing a big onslaught in this segment. The strategy is to have the most complete and up-to-date product portfolio, with models of complementary size and proposal.

In addition to the Nova Montana, which debuts in February, the brand will have other innovations in the sequence, such as a special version of the S10 and the launch of the Silverado, which will occupy the position of the most sophisticated large pickup truck on the market. So much so that 2023 will be the year of pickup trucks at Chevrolet.

With these three products, starting next year, the brand will have volume representatives in the three most important pickup categories. Currently, the segment as a whole represents approximately 20% of general sales of automobiles and light commercial vehicles, compared to 15% ten years ago.

Nova Montana is the access model for this utility portfolio and the foundation of this strategy. It will be produced at the recently updated GM factory in São Caetano do Sul (SP) also for export.

The complete list of equipment and the technical specifications of each version will be released closer to the arrival of the product at Chevrolet dealerships across the country.

Check out the main technologies and accessories available for New Montana:


  • Front, side and curtain airbags
  • emergency braking alert
  • blind spot alert
  • Advanced electronic stability and traction control
  • Full LED headlights with height adjustment
  • Brakes with ABS, brake distribution system and emergency brake assist
  • Anchor hooks for child seats in Isofix and Top Tether standard
  • PET transport kit
  • OnStar system with automatic crash response, emergency button and vehicle recovery assistance


  • san antonio
  • side step
  • front bumper extender
  • roof rack
  • Chevrolet emblem on the rear lid in high relief
  • LED fog light
  • 17 inch aluminum wheel
  • Illuminated door sills
  • Premium seat and dashboard finish


  • Hill start assistant
  • Automatic headlights with twilight sensor
  • Smart key with approach sensor and engine start by button
  • Steering column with height and depth adjustment
  • On-board computer with vehicle information including tire pressure monitoring and oil life indicator
  • speed limit controller
  • progressive electric steering
  • Rear parking sensor with reversing camera
  • Four-speaker audio system with JBL subwoofer


  • myChevrolet app to control vehicle functions remotely
  • Remote update of vehicle electronic systems
  • MyLink multimedia with 8" screen, audio streaming function and Bluetooth for up to 2 smartphones simultaneously
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with cable-free projection
  • Native WiFi with up to 12 times more stable signal and possibility to pair up to 7 devices simultaneously
  • USB type A and C inputs

Multi-Flex Bucket

  • Rear lid with electric button opening and weight relief on descent
  • Multi-Board Dividers
  • Tray, bag and organizer box
  • Storage compartments on the sides
  • Canvas marine canopy with innovative sealing system
  • Electric hard top marine
  • USB type A and C and 12V input
  • Bucket extender for transporting a motorcycle, for example
  • storage net
  • Fixed tray mat or drawer type
  • Lighting on both sides
  • Eight load securing hooks
  • bucket protector