Toyota Launches New Noah and Voxy Minivans

The new Noah and Voxy have been reborn as everybody’s minivans, with more comfort, convenience, and peace of mind to provoke a deeper sense of happiness that only minivans can offer.

  • In addition to the excellent packaging unique to minivans, the ease of use is further increased, with universal steps and free stop rear hatch doors using karakuri mechanism.
  • New models come equipped with the latest advanced fixtures, including Toyota Safety Sense and Toyota Teammate.
  • They also come with exceptional dynamic performance, including the new-generation series parallel hybrid system.

2022 Toyota New Noah

2022 Toyota New Voxy

Vehicle details

  1. Roomy, comfortable cabin space


  • The new Noah and Voxy are built on the TNGA (GA-C) platform. Body structure optimization enables more vertically aligned C pillars compared to previous models, which achieves a distance of 1,295 mm between left and right pillars (75 mm wider than previous models)*1. Coupled with a cabin height of 1,405 mm, this creates a more open feeling within the cabin.
  • A large-capacity 104 L*2 super luggage box also provides useful underfloor storage to allow tall cargo items and suitcases.

Comfortable rear seats

Noah S-Z (7-seater 2WD Aero hybrid model) (Interior color: Black) (Models with options shown)

Noah S-Z (7-seater 2WD Aero hybrid model) (Interior color: Black) (Models with options shown)

  • The seven-seater models feature captain seats in the second row. In addition to ottoman mechanisms―a first for this class3―and seat heaters4, the seats also have large foldable side tables. The lower-profile one-touch folding third-row seats also allow ultra-long straight sliding mechanisms (slide length of 745 mm*1), rather than requiring sideways sliding, without compromising ride comfort. Together, these features enhance convenience and comfort.

  • The eight-seater models come with a three-person bench seat in a 60/40 split tip-up configuration5 in the second row. Like the seven-seater, these models also use ultra-long sliding mechanisms (slide length of 705 mm1).

  • Special two-person bench seats with handrails can also be provided as a package option. With access space provided at the left of the second-row seats, this configuration provides easy access to the third-row seats even with a child seat installed in the second row.

  1. Ease-of-use for the Whole Family

Access to rear seats

Access to rear seats

  • New Noah and Voxy equipped with power sliding doors have a universal step on the front passenger seat side6. The step extends and retracts below the door by karakuri mechanism when opening and closing the sliding door. The step is 200 mm7 high to provide easy access for the whole family, from children to the elderly
  • These models also come with 460 mm1 long hand grips as standard inclusions on both left and right B pillars. Set at an easy height to grip for everyone from children to adults (bottom of grip is 895 mm1 from ground surface), the hand grip thickness is optimized at the top for adults and at the bottom for children.
  • Hands-free dual power sliding doors are included as package options*8. This enables users carrying the key to automatically open and close the sliding doors simply by placing their feet under the sensors at the bottom of the front doors. This is a very convenient feature when both hands are full, such as when carrying children.

Convenient rear hatch door mechanism

  • Ease of use is improved with the world’s first9 free-stop rear hatch door that, by pushing, can be stopped at any angle by karakuri mechanism. This makes it easy to access cargo from the rear hatch door even if space behind the vehicle is limited. For grades equipped with a power rear hatch door10, the rear hatch door can be opened and closed with a power switch located on both rear quarter panels.
*6 Provided as a manufacturer option on all models.
*7 Two-wheel drive models only. 225 mm for four-wheel drive models. According to in-house measurements.
*8 Provided as a manufacturer package option on all Noah grades (except X grade). Provided as a manufacturer package option on all Voxy grades.
*9 As of January 2022. According to Toyota research.
*10 Provided as manufacturer package options on the Noah S-Z and Z grades. Provided as manufacturer package options on the Voxy S-Z grade.

  1. Advanced fixtures providing safety and peace of mind through the latest technologies

Toyota Safety Sense

  • The new Noah and Voxy come equipped with Toyota Safety Sense, the newest active safety package with advanced and improved functionality. This feature expands the range of accidents it can respond to.

  • Pre-collision Safety System

This system expands the range of detection, adding motorcyclists (daytime) to other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, to help avoid collisions or reduce damage. It provides additional support at intersections where accidents more frequently occur.

  1. In addition to enabling a right-turning vehicle at an intersection to detect oncoming vehicles in the adjacent two lanes traveling straight through the intersection, and enabling a right- or left-turning vehicle to detect pedestrians and cyclists crossing its path from the opposite direction, this system can also detect other vehicles and motorcyclists crossing at intersections, which is a first for Toyota.
  2. A Low-Speed Acceleration Control function detects pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles directly in front of the driven vehicle when traveling at low speeds and suppresses acceleration accordingly. In combination with Parking Support Brakes (Stationary Objects), this enables expanded detection of objects when driving at low speeds.
  3. An Emergency Steering Assist function*11 assists steering in emergency situations when triggered by the driver’s steering. The active steering function also applies the Pre-collision Brakes and controls steering even without driver steering if the system determines that there is a high risk of collision.
  • Proactive Driving Assist(Toyota-first)
  1. This system supports avoidance steering and deceleration to avoid getting too close to pedestrians, cyclists and parked vehicles by anticipating risks according to the driving situation, such as pedestrians crossing the road or vehicles that may suddenly start moving.
  2. It also supports the driver’s deceleration in response to a preceding vehicle or curve ahead and reduces the need for frequent changes in the pedal application.
  • Lane Change Assist*11

When Lane Tracing Assist is activated, the operation of the turn signal activates this system, which supports lane change steering and monitoring of vehicles in the targeted lane.

  • Front Cross-Traffic Alert*11

This system detects vehicles approaching from the left or right when the driven vehicle enters an intersection, or at other times. It alerts the driver via the display and with a buzzer if the driver attempts to move forward despite an approaching vehicle. An animation of the direction of the approaching vehicle is displayed on the color head-up display*10 as an easy-to-notice warning.

Other enhanced equipment providing safety and peace of mind

  • Models equipped with power sliding doors also come with Safe Exit Assist (With Door Open Control)*11. When attempting to open the sliding door to exit the vehicle after stopping or parking, if the system determines that there is a high possibility of a collision between an open door or an alighting occupant and a vehicle (including a bicycle) approaching from the rear, a warning will be provided inside the cabin and the sliding door will be prevented from opening. If the detection occurs while the door is opening, the system will prevent the door from opening further.
  • Models can also be equipped with Plus Support, as a dealer-installed option, to suppress acceleration if gas pedal misapplication is detected, regardless of whether there are obstacles in the vicinity.

Toyota Teammate

  • The new Noah and Voxy come with Advanced Drive (support during traffic congestion) and Advanced Park (with remote function)13, which are new functions in the suite of advanced driving support technologies within Toyota Teammate12.

  • Advanced Drive (support during traffic congestion)(Toyota-first)

This system operates under certain conditions, such as the driver facing forward, when driving on motor-vehicle-only roadways, and when Radar Cruise Control and Lane Tracing Assist are activated in traffic congestion (0-40 km/h). Supporting detection, judgment and operation*14, it helps reduce driver fatigue in traffic congestion and enables the driver to pay closer attention to the surroundings to achieve safe driving.

  • Advanced Park (with remote function)

This system expands support in parallel parking situations. It enables pulling or backing out of a parking space in forward parking situations as well as conventional reverse parking situations. Hybrid models also include a Toyota-first remote function that drivers who are carrying a smart key can use to remotely park the vehicle or leave a parking space using a smartphone, with a special application installed, from outside the vehicle. The system makes parking easier by enabling children and older occupants to get in and out of the vehicle where there is more space, and when removing cargo from the trunk in tight locations.

Advanced Park (with remote function)

Software Update

  • Software updates enable the vehicle to always have the latest version of software via wireless communication or a dealer’s wired connection. While also adding new functions that become available after vehicle purchase, the updates can enhance vehicle performance. Installation of the latest driver-assistance technologies can help the vehicle evolve in terms of greater safety and peace of mind.
*11 Provided as a manufacturer option on all Noah grades (except X grade). Provided as a manufacturer option on all Voxy grades.
*12 Toyota Teammate

Developed according to the Mobility Teammate Concept―an automated driving approach unique to Toyota that seeks to mutually enhance communication between drivers and cars while driving together, creating a partnership between the two.|
|*13|Advanced Drive (support during traffic congestion) and Advanced Park are provided as manufacturer options on all Noah grades (except X grade). They are provided as a manufacturer option on all Voxy grades. Advanced Park (with remote function) is only available for hybrid models.|
|*14|Advanced Drive (support during traffic congestion) is not an automated driving system. The driver must not overly rely on the system, always be responsible and pay attention to the surroundings, and be prepared to take full control at all times.|

  1. Mainstream Noah and unique Voxy minivans


  • Successive generations of Noah and Voxy have maintained and expanded upon a focus on maximization of cabin space and a powerful box-like structure. This pursuit of a majestic, dynamic and powerful box style has provided customers with peace of mind and greater pleasure in ownership.


  • The Noah has pursued simplicity with meticulous attention to detail, with high quality and a long-lasting style. The front end boasts a majestic, modern style comprising a single, clear icon, a bold grille in the same color as the exterior, and a sharp lamp design.
  • S-Z and S-G grades are Aero models with a vibrant and robust front end achieved by a bold plated grille, and a rear end with a wide and low stance, demonstrating the aggressiveness of the mainstream Aero styling.


  • The Voxy has pursued a style that is both leading edge and unique. The front end presents a strongly contrasting three-dimensional structure and unique design through a combination of a roundish, narrow upper portion with a squarish, thick lower portion. The vehicle’s presence is also accentuated at night with characteristic front and rear lamps that glow mysteriously.

  • Newly developed colors include Glitter Black Glass Flake15, a high-quality black, and Massive Gray16, a dark and dignified color. A total of five colors are available for Noah (six colors for the S-Z and S-G grades) and six colors for Voxy.


Noah S-Z (7-seater 2WD Aero model with hybrid specifications) (Interior color: Black) (Models with options shown)

Noah S-Z (7-seater 2WD Aero model with hybrid specifications) (Interior color: Black) (Models with options shown)

  • In addition to slim, blacked-out A pillars, and an instrument panel and door trims with a low and wide horizontal design, the hand grips and air conditioning outlets arranged functionally around the roof create an open cabin space that is both neat and attractive.
  • The instrument panel pursues functional beauty and a sense of quality that is a class above the rest. The metal frames are wrapped with soft materials to produce original atmosphere.
  • The interior coloring is based on black to create an open and spacious interior.
*15 A factory-installed option on Noah S-Z and S-G grades.
*16 Standard on all Voxy models

  1. Exceptional dynamic performance

High-rigidity, lightweight body

  • The new Noah and Voxy are built on the GA-C platform. The highly rigid body is both light and well balanced to deliver high-quality riding comfort and outstanding handling stability without feeling too high on the road.
  • The front and rear suspension geometry has been optimized to produce a well-built rigid body. With MacPherson struts at the front and a torsion beam at the rear, these models have achieved a suspension system that creates gentle movement and a smooth ride with excellent road holding.

Series Parallel Hybrid

1.8-liter high thermal efficiency engine (2ZR-FXE) and hybrid system

1.8-liter high thermal efficiency engine (2ZR-FXE) and hybrid system

  • All electric modules have been updated in the new-generation hybrid system that employs a 1.8-liter in-line four-cylinder DOHC engine (2ZR-FXE). Increased motor and battery output, and improved system efficiency, take comfortable acceleration and outstanding fuel efficiency to a higher level for minivans.

  • Class-leading3 fuel efficiency of 23.4 km/liter18 under the WLTC test cycle*17

  • The new E-Four system inherits the latest hybrid technologies. Increased motor output expands the 4WD operating range while distributing more torque to the rear wheels. Optimal control of torque distribution to front and rear wheels when cornering improves handling stability and, by increasing torque to the rear wheels, also improves peace of mind when doing hill starts in the snow or rain.

Dynamic Force Engine 2.0 (M20A-FKS) + Direct Shift-CVT

  • The combination of a 2.0-liter Dynamic Force Engine (M20A-FKS) and Direct Shift-CVT achieves a powerful direct drive system with outstanding fuel efficiency.

  • As a gasoline-powered vehicle as well, class-leading3 fuel efficiency of 15.1 km/liter19 under the WLTC test cycle*17

  • Direct Shift-CVT comes with 10-speed Sport Sequential Shiftmatic for fun shift changes with the feeling of a manual

  • 4WD models come with dynamic torque control that optimally distributes torque to the rear wheels, according to the state of the vehicle, when starting or when traveling on slippery roads.

*17 WLTC (World Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Cycle) is an internationally recognized test cycle, and is based on average usage ratios for urban, suburban, and highway driving.
*18 Noah X (2WD). As evaluated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
*19 Noah X (2WD) and Noah G (2WD). As evaluated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

  1. Secure and convenient connected services

Comprehensive T-Connect optional services

  • The Display Audio system with high-definition wide display is Toyota’s first to support Connected Navigation. Rather than using map data loaded into the vehicle’s system, this enables destination searches and route settings using new center-acquired data (maps, facilities, traffic congestion). A voice-recognition service (agent) can also set destinations in the system20. This service is provided free of charge for a period of five years from the first registration21.

  • 8-inch display for Display Audio (with Connected Navigation support)*22

  • 10.5-inch display and onboard navigation for Display Audio Plus (with Connected Navigation support)*23

  • These new models also come with their own in-vehicle WiFi hotspot, a first for Toyota. The DCM*24 included as standard on all these models enables unlimited data transfer for smartphones, game devices and other devices connected to the internet.

*20 When Connected Navigation is available. In addition to setting destinations, the agent can also be used to operate vehicle equipment, including air conditioning and power windows.
*21 Continued use from the sixth year after registration is possible through a (paid) contract renewal.
*22 Provided as standard equipment on all Noah grades (except X grade where it is available as a manufacturer option). Provided as standard equipment on all Voxy grades.
*23 Provided as a manufacturer option on all Noah grades except X grade. Provided as a manufacturer option on all Voxy grades.
*24 Data Communication Module