Toyota unveils Urban SUV Concept, previewing a new electric compact SUV

  • Urban SUV Concept revealed today at Toyota’s Kenshiki forum in Brussels
  • Preview of a compact model in the line-up of 6 dedicated battery-electric vehicles, to be premiered in the first half of 2024
  • Production model will offer two battery options to suit different customer priorities of driving range and accessibility
  • Bold SUV styling and fully flexible interior
  • Front and all-wheel drive versions to be offered

Toyota today provided a preview of its future battery electric vehicle (BEV) strategy for Europe with the unveiling of the new Urban SUV Concept. Presented at the company’s annual Kenshiki forum in Brussels, the concept car hints at a production version of a new dedicated battery-electric vehicle, planned for market launch in 2024.

The new vehicle will be the most compact and accessible in a planned six-model dedicated BEV line-up and will compete in the B-SUV segment, which Toyota predicts will be one of the largest markets for BEVs in Europe.

Toyota already enjoys prominence in the B-SUV segment with the hybrid electric Yaris Cross, the best-selling model in its class. It has drawn on this experience in the development of an authentic battery electric SUV that has versatility designed-in and which meets the priorities of European customers. It will also deliver the quality, durability and reliability that are hallmarks of the Toyota brand.

“No compromise” design and engineering

The Toyota Urban SUV Concept has an authentic SUV presence, with a compact body set on strong shoulders and a high driving position. Space is maximised in a flexible interior that can easily be adapted to prioritise passenger or load space as required.

Both front and all-wheel drive powertrains will be available, with AWD being a key part of Toyota’s product DNA. Similarly, the production model will offer a dual battery strategy: customers will be able to choose between two battery options, with different capacities to suit their needs and priority for accessibility or driving range.

Through its multipath strategy, Toyota envisions a future in which carbon neutrality is achieved through the practical introduction of a portfolio of products with advanced, alternative fuel and zero-emissions powertrain technologies.

In Europe, Toyota plans to introduce six dedicated BEV models by 2026. A diverse portfolio of electrified products will help propel Toyota Motor Europe towards its goal of exclusively offering ZEVs by 2035 and reaching complete carbon neutrality by 2040.

Further details and the production model will be announced during 2024.